A collection of bling pieces sure to make your shoot stand out!

color schemes

Sometimes a lot of the same color goes a long way in a themed shoot.  Bring out the color wheel and find the complimentary color!


Pearls are a huge part of a timeless look or if you want to keep things simple and elegant, stick to the classics. 

collective pieces

Unique pieces collected through out the years tend to fit any theme!

TIMELESS journey

Take your  images on a journey back in time with these pieces.  Or create a time in the future!


This is the type of Jewelry I have grown to fall in love with.  Seems to dictate the fashion world of today.  Looks amazing with any style!


I cannot list every piece of Jewelry KoolKollective owns, although it is currently being catalogued, well you get the idea and these are the categories.  I always bring a few extra pieces similar to our shoot that may work better for a look.

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