Additional Information

There are no limits when you are creating a VISION BOARD! If I feel I may need a certain appeal to a theme, I will either seek it out and change or add elements to it if I feel I have to!   

I was on the phone with a model one day going over a Mermaid Inspired Shoot we really fantasized over all of our lives, and really wanted to make this vision happen.  I knew right away I needed to make a fancy head piece, at least for ONE of the three looks.  I was at Michaels and Hobby Lobby for days and then took a week to research and build my model headpiece. As it lead to many others that remain in my collection.  

I was obsessed with crowns and cloaks for a while, (still obsessed).  I am in the process of having 11 fancy unique cloaks made for my Medieval Themes!  I am re-learning my sewing machine for this reason.  Also there are a few thrifted items I want to take in  and add my flare to.