200+ Gowns

Beautiful Gowns

I have invested in a few expensive gowns that show best in Photographs.  I usually purchase an item in 3 different colors.  


When you want your images to have that Medieval Time look to them. 


Just because!


some images are from website catalog

The images that look like catalog are not my images and are from the websites I purchased these items from.  Lots were purchased from Amazon, Etsy, Pinksia, Tobi, Eric Dress, and local vendors and thrift stores. 

Thrifted - vintage

There are too many thrifted images I will not be able to show you and are currently being photographed for catalog.

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extravagant gowns

For that EPIC shot all photographers want to give their client at a rental price you cannot beat.  I had to learn the hard way what actually worked.  You won't have to go through the same process.  There are about 5 epic dresses to choose from and they are perfect for your Maternity Sessions!

Flow Gowns

I cannot tell you how many of these I own. Some with and with out sleeves, practically every color out there for these gowns.  I did the searching and purchasing for you and know what works and what don't. 

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Such an amazing gown to use for Maternity and can also be used for Boudoir, layered  on top of an existing gown to give it a lace feel to it.  I am happy to have these in my collection.  Again, in many colors!