About Me

Mermaid Inspired Shoot 2018 with Make up artist Rainy Rivera & Model Jamie Pan

Design in Practice

I want to share this platform with other photographers providing a  full wardrobe and accessories with three full looks!.  As an artist, Photographer, Fashion addict, I learned to coordinate color and flow to a project.  I am constantly dreaming up  new themes even if I have to design elements to give the theme a unique look.  Some of the gowns I own are expensive and I purchased them just to create this image on my vision board.  So to save a photographer that expense, it makes sense to hire a Creative Stylist for your shoot yet still remain in creative control.

Anchored in Experience

As a photographer myself, owner of TDN Photography, my creative approach to wardrobe started when I wasn't  expecting it at all. I  started collecting accessories to enhance my model's experience during our photoshoots. As my wardrobe & experience grew  so did my passion! And it led me into this amazing side of my photography!  I remember the struggle and would like to share this platform with other photographers!

Building a Dream

Just book me as your Creative Stylist for your shoot.  During our small consultation we will discuss your theme & colors preferred.  Send me your model's contact information and I will organize a fitting session and go from there! I will show up at your shoot with all the items pressed & ready to be photographed. Help dress and assist your model during the entire shoot!